Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Autumn- Streets of Gold

It's here- my favorite short-lived season.  Here's a poem I wrote when I first returned to Western New York after years of living in Spain.

Another Look at Happiness



Not the shock of orange leaves,

autum so bright it hurts,

Not your eyes tight on mine,

the stomach fall of your kiss.


Nor my country, Spain, distant

steeped in red wine and salt,

nor your Burma,

smell of woodsmoke and green,

when you close your eyes.


But this small space within

where solitude cushions

each fearless act.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

En el bolsillo

I enjoyed reading Borges in Spanish and working with Lynn and Misty today.  So here it is- my attempt at writing a poem in Spanish!

 En el Bolsillo

En mi bolsillo
llevo el mundo
su  presencia afilada
siento en todo cuerpo
para recordarme
lo que puede pasar.
Un mundo
no girando
en circulos suaves
pero gopecitos
llenos de esperanzas.