Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post V Day

Even though I'm not in a relationship (of the typical couple type) I had one of the nicest Valentine's Days (or VD Day as a friend calls it) ever.  Virtual flowers arrived from my cousin whose husband just escaped from potentially scary health problems.  There were e-mails and FB greetings and at work totally unplanned by me,  there were chocolates and more chocolates and even brownies. Amazing how quickly students from 14+ different countries adapt to the customs of America.

    Rewind back to a different take on romance - from my chapbook.

Aftermath of Love

The waters of Lethe
sprinkle my eyelids
with  a sweet poison.
I sleep and sleep
through this daily dream.
naked, shivering
on a rock,
in the sea,
Waves pounding.

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