Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The last week of peaceful protests and thousands occupying the main squares of cities in Spain brought to mind the idealism of the 60's.  Protest before we are sunk in the total mire of banker and corporate greed with no concern to mother earth or the future generations. The effectiveness is yet to be seen but I can hope "that better world" of health care, social justice, and opportunity extends to the US.  After all, utopian ideas were part of a foundation of the US and vestiges of those communities still exist in this area- Chautauqua, Lilly Dale to name two. 
And a poem I dug up on the theme:


Sometimes with your presence,
I dream creation,
cottonmouth babies
in a city of bliss,
Floating further than the Lusitania,
far off in panicked seas.
I dream seafoam
on a perfectly set Sunday
in which kindness, the absolute, reigns.  

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