Monday, January 2, 2012

Rebirth, Change, Possibility

Like almost everyone else, I'm evaluating my habits and trying to restart my life.  After all, it is January 2nd .  So far, I've already made it to the gym and avoided having my lunch while lying down on the sofa.  And despite a small slide with chocolates (Christmas leftovers), I'm feeling good.  I returned from a wonderful trip out west- so much beauty and kindness!  So 2012- let's see what happens. 

Here's the link to a story I wrote on the theme:

  I even found an old poem which shows New Year's a theme I have always been attracted to.  I have a new poem too- still in progress for a later posting.

New Year

Erase the year
with alcohol dampening
the brain and
as the custom of this foreign land,
race the block
at midnight,
empty suitcase in hand,
assuring all voyages succeed.
Against the night sky
filling with debris and rockets,
I cling to an age-old illusion,
rebirth-change- possibility.

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  1. Ah, Terez. I am always in awe of your plucky spirit. The gift of New Year's is the possibility of rebirth and redemption, no matter how unlikely the prospect (feeling every one of my years here!)