Saturday, February 9, 2013

THe New Nemesis and a poem. "Snow Clues"

The New Nemesis

No more orange alerts (for the time being at least). Our new enemy is now the purple and blue weather maps showing swirling storms with names- the latest of which is Nemo. I sit mesmerized and frightened by the massive weather systems conjoining and wreaking havoc. What’s worse than the actual storm though is the hype, the constant barrage of updates and alerts. When it comes down to the real pictures of weathermen or women standing in the snow, reality sets in and here in Buffalo, at least, it’s just one more winter day.

The hype has its effects. The day before the storm I went to the supermarket around lunchtime where the few cashiers (not expecting this) were overwhelmed. What’s up? asked the customer ahead of me. “It’s the storm, man,” was the answer.

My first year back in Buffalo, the snow still a mystery after decades away, I actually showed up at work on a snow day. Nothing happened. Of course, I’m glad to have a warning but I don’t need the fear. Winter is turning into anxiety and that’s even though I was here for the 2 major blizzards- 77 and 86- no names just the year they happened to distinguish them.


Were there no cars

We walk the winter white world

our prints merge

with tiny animal paws,

bird wings

to create

snow clues.

Sleighs cross


the horses shake

the bells of Robert Frost.

Sparkle white


Snow sleep

the most alluring of all.


  1. Underneath deep snow
    dark rhizomes and rootlets
    Sleep and gather strength .