Sunday, July 7, 2013

Small things bring great pleasure

     What gives you a sense of accomplishment?  The adjective "accomplished" is so often accompanied with strong nouns like "pianist" or "writer".  Yet the feeling of accomplishment can come at unexpected moments. 
     A friend's eight- year-old daughter was in the backyard on a playhouse contraption with a slide but no ladder.  She urged me to climb up the slide, as persuasive as an adult saying, "You can do it."  Plopped down on my stomach I hauled myself up to the top of the slide and entered the playhouse.  And it felt good to do a thing so out of my usual activities.
   The other day I had 2 photos in an exhibit of Miksang photography.  Since I'm neither an artist or a photographer, going to the opening and seeing the photos brought me great pleasure.  I don't think I've had anything I've created exhibited since I was in high school or even, middle school.
   So life extends its endless possibilities.

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