Monday, August 18, 2014

Mo Joe Anthology

John Roche put together a collection of Joe poems.   The Joe phenomenon started with his own collection of poetry but Joe proved so popular, he opened the theme up to other poets and over 100 are published in this collection.  This Friday, August 22nd, Buffalo contributers will be reading at Dog Ear's Bookstore at 7pm.   With my recent move from Buffalo to Atlanta, I won't be able to make it, but here is my own Joe poem. 

Joe Does the Grand Tour

Joe steps off the launch.
No cameras flash, no biennale
or Thomas Mann to be found.
Just another stop on the Grand Tour, Venice, this time.
Boats whir, the damn water rises shiny black
the city crumbles and shakes.
Joe visits the church built to protect from medieval fevers,
sees Peggy G's tomb with dogs in the palace yard.
Gondoliers dream of land
and read racing car magazines.

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