Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snow Clues

     Did fortune shine on me?  I moved back to Buffalo in April 2007, not too long after an October snowstorm cracked trees heavy with leaves and took down power lines.  The storm was still a topic of conversation and the cause of the escape of a friend whose car had been crushed by a fallen tree. Just not tough enough, I thought.
     I moved to Atlanta in August and despite a few glitches have managed to find a job and get somewhat settled in.  Nostalgia for Buffalo still remains yet I have to admit I am relieved I left before this devastating November 2014.snowstorm.  And I know what I'm talking about- I lived through two of the big blizzards- 77 and 86 and they remain in the deepest part of my brain that scans the neighborhood for grocery stores I can walk to wherever I move. 
    This storm makes me sad.  Just when Buffalo was getting positive press for being one of the most bicycle friendly and livable cities, and all importantly, one of the most progressive, the weather strikes a blow.  We're back to stereotypes.  Hope all of you are safe and warm!

     Snow Clues is the title of a poem in my third chapbook, Dance the Truth, and it's the subtitle of a mystery novel I wrote which is waiting for one last edit and a publisher.  Will fortune shine on me?

Snow Clues

Walk the winter white world
our prints merge
with animal indentations.
Who crossed this path first?

Sleighs pass

The sparkle white
Snow sleep lures
most of all.

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