Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gray day alert

We're long into January with no signs of winter letting up!  The Lake is almost completely frozen- I follow this information as if I were a meterologist or an ice fisherman.  It's important because once this simple phenomenon happens, there is a promise of sun!  No more lake effect snows, at least not from Lake Erie. 
   Monday the snow reminded me of walking on squeaky sand on the beach at Perdido Key and the sun (first appearance and last in days ) made me think of the line "glittering salt diamonds".  So here's the post of the poem, Formentera, which will be appearing in "Barcelona Ink".  Formentera is a small island in the Mediterranean near Ibizza, but nothing like Ibizza.


The slow walk
to the cemetery of strangers,
car doors slam
onto private pain.
The ageless old dressed
like little black dolls
their full skirts
swirl in the burning sun.

Good Friday church bells
compete with Guantanamera
sung off key.
Tourists, weathered sailors,
a preponderance of children
inhabit the new money mad
don't stop till every inch is sold realm,
but still bound sheep
hobble over stone fences
fig trees grow horizontal and
goats strive for the
tender top leaves.
By the sea,
salt flats lie shallow,
leave behind
glittering salt diamonds
on white sand.


  1. How beautiful Terez.
    How does Formentera differ from Ibizza?
    Is to possible that most of the money mad have missed it?

  2. Thanks Trudy! Formentera isn't all clubs and beach though it does have its moments- Italians discovered it some time back and it was featured in the movie, Sex and Lucia which brought more tourism.