Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jet lag week 1

I left Spain one week ago and now am back in the pure white abstract landscape of Buffalo, NY.  Why did you come back? More than one person asked me and as I was looking out of my ice covered windows, I myself wondered why.  This is my third winter back after twenty years in Spain and by far, the hardest.
This is the quintessential American rust belt city, or even American city per say.  That means a city drained of what makes a European city so attractive- people out on the streets at all hours and public spaces to walk to and enjoy. 

The Lake

Something in me
loves a bus.
Starting at birth.
my father brought me home
in early November snow
on a bus.
There was Marilyn, circa 1956
all Bus Stop glamour,
and in Cleveland,
the sleek Greyhound sign,
recalls Edward Hopper
and the dusty 1930’s.
 “You have a blessed day”
the new goodbye as I board
wondering how to do just that.
Ashtabula, Erie, Buffalo
and all points east,
their vowels satisfy.

Something in America
so hates the city,
it bleeds out
 a slow death
 of the  light
and sound
and life
of this lake.


  1. This reminds me of the depressing gray skies I remember as typical of Buffalo winters. From time to time, Mother Nature would throw in a gorgeous cloudless day with the sun shining through crisp, cold air onto clean white snow, and those are the days I prefer to remember.

    So... you owe us another poem from one of those days to balance things out!

  2. Yes, there is a beauty to it all! Yesterday going up to Canada saw all the bare tree branches coated in ice and pines heavy with snow. But winter is a long haul.