Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

100th anniversary today!  Improvements yes, but still so very far to go!  Here in the US women are now (as one feminist writer) expected to be "hot".  Does that explain the extreme high heels?  Growing up in the feminist era, I never wore shoes I couldn't run away in.  Perhaps young women feel no need to run but there is evidence to the contrary.
     In my work life I have taught female students in burkas, those coming to class with a keeper, and women whose husbands don't allow them to work. 100 more years to go?


Past knots and tendons,

I look

through bone

and see,

in centuries past-

my face shrivel

in flames rising higher.

The point of a sword

slashes my belly

Today, head to toe in black,

I barely breathe,

walk the required

steps behind.

The open hand

of my husband

reddens my cheek.

In  India, China girls

form the Greek chorus,

and chant,

Never born,

Never born.



  1. Stunning. That's no surprise, though. You just keep getting better.