Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning a Blind Eye

How do you measure risk?  You assume the unthinkable will never happen. My young coworker suffered a mini stroke caused by taking the pill.  What is the probability of that happening?  Do you go ahead and assume that will never happen? 

What about nucleur energy? We've been complacent about it since the last accident. Japan. The earthquake that releases a tsunami that causes a nucleur disaster.  That in the ring of fire on a fault line in a country that lived through Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  But the decisions made were to fuel a highly developed country with little resources.  Renewable resources? 

The instructions given to cope with the disaster are so simple.  Sea Water to cool the reactor.  Leave.  Close the windows.  Clean off your shoes.  Take iodine.   We haven't evolved to the level of our technology.

What's left for us to do?  Prayer?  I had a poem about Chernobyl that was published years ago but lost in all the moves I've made.

A Personal Apocalypse

Candles, crosses,
the low hum of chants
stand between us
and the void.
With death so near
how to breathe?
Step off the sidewalk
into a barreling truck,
drive off a bridge,
or wait for an angel
trumpeting the rapture
that levitates
 the right
to safety.
I stand sinking
in desert sands,
sun  stratches
across my eyelids
till I slide back
into blackness.



  1. Terez, I was going to tell you that your poem is good, but in English nuclear is spelled nu-clear which it now occurs to me, is an opportunity for some word play on the strange danger of our situation.
    New clear, it's perfectly safe.
    Worry not people.
    Your power is assured.

  2. Thanks Trudy. My spelling is atrocious- imagine I teach language. Spanish did it to me.

  3. I used to be a good speller in English. Then I spent 14 years in Spain and my once excellent spelling disappeared.

  4. Thank goodness for spell checkers!